Job Opportunities

Web Architect - You have a deep understanding of web protocols and you designed and coded several complex, transaction oriented web services. You understand how to extract relevant semantic information from a variety of web pages. You also understand secure web transactions, including blockchain based protocols.

Computer Vision Developer - You can design and implement real time text and object recognition from a variety of image sources, including static and moving cameras. You also understand the difference between static image analysis and demands of real time navigation in realistic environments.

Software Architect - Neural Scientist - You have architected and implemented at least one commercial application, preferably in wearable tech space, your experience with neuromorphic hardware is a plus. You are also neural scientist, familiar with modern empirical research on brain.


You understand theta phase precession and sharp wave ripples in hippocampus and dynamics of behavior and resonance of mass neuron population in neuropil. You are familiar with field theory, non-linear dynamics, and chaotic attractors. You have a working knowledge of Gerald Edelman, Gyorgy Buzsaki and Walter Freeman.

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